Car Repair invoice

When drivers attend the car repair to change the oil in their vehicle, they are paying 5 Euro cents per kilo of lubricant oil acquired in their invoice. This is a small contribution by the consumer, but it is primordial for the environment, as it allows us at SIGAUS to fund the collection and treatment of used industrial oil in Spain.

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Financing the management of used oil

In accordance with current regulations, the manufacturers and importers of industrial oils are responsible for ensuring that once their useful life has come to an end, whether individually or through an Integrated Management System (IMS) such as ours, they fund the selective collection and correct management of this waste.


In the case of an average car, the total contribution of this fee to an oil change operation is approximately 20 euro cent.

This funding is obtained from a levy that current legislation applies to each kilo of new lubricant oil placed on the market, and which is currently set at €0.05. This fee is passed on from the manufacturer to the distributor, from this distributor to the car repair workshop and from there to the end consumer, and is stated clearly on the invoice provided to the driver. In the case of an average car, the total contribution of this fee to an oil change operation is approximately 20 euro cent.

The amount collected by our adhered companies through this fee is entirely used to fund the operations of collection and treatment of the used industrial oils, without us obtaining any benefit from this quantity (our accounts are subject to independent audits and are published annually). It is precisely in the areas of the country that are furthest from the large urban nuclei, such as mountain or disadvantaged areas, where the collections imply higher logistical costs and lack of profitability, implying a greater environmental risk. With our funding, we ensure that all of the used oil is collected and adequately treated, avoiding its impact on the environment.


Did you know...?

Simply by going to an authorised car repair workshop, we guarantee that the used oil removed from our vehicle will be correctly collected and treated, thus avoiding any risk that it may pose to the environment or to human health through the land or water.