27. Cabecera Identidad Corporativa

Corporate Identity

We are presenting a new corporate identity, by renewing the logo image that has accompanied us for almost two decades, maintaining its essence, while modernising and improving its presence with a personalised typography to create a visual distinction.

21 - subtitulo - Manuales de identidad y uso del símbolo

Identity manuals and use of the symbol

9 - Manual uso de la marca

Brand use manual

The new visual line is represented in this identity manual, whose purpose is to define its elements, and standardise possible implementations and uses in a precise and detailed manner.

21 - subtitulo - Manual uso del Símbolo

Symbol use manual

9 manual simbolo

Symbol use manual

The IMS identifying logo must appear in a clearly visible place on the containers of industrial oils marketed through the manufacturers associated with the management system, according to the provisions of article 11.4 of Royal Decree 679/2006. This manual contains the rules for implementation on these containers.


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