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SIGAUS in figures


Since 2007, we have guaranteed the collection and treatment of used oil from any point in Spain.

collection operations

of waste accumulated in 17 years by the management network that operates with SIGAUS


that have produced 1,025,420 tonnes of base lubricants

of CO2 avoided

thanks to the waste regenerated compared to oil refining

of electrical energy

produced thanks to energy recovery from used oil

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In 2023, 131,000 tonnes of waste oil were managed, with 78% being transformed into regenerated bases



A hazardous waste

Its high toxicity

Its low biodegradability

Harmful to living beings

The emission of hazardous gases

Its chemical degradation

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Management Network

Thanks to the over 160 management companies that work under the framework of the IMS, it is possible to ensure the service of collecting and treating the used oil generated by the approximately 70,000 production points attended by SIGAUS throughout Spain.


Treatment of the used industrial oil through regeneration has permitted the return of more than 1 million tons of new lubricants to the market since 2007, enough to fill the oil tank of more than 253 million cars.


Recovery of used industrial oil

Several phases are involved in the waste management process:

The industrial oil is mostly used in automotive workshops and in industry, with both sectors jointly producing 70% of the used oil that is generated in Spain each year. Once its useful life has reached an end, the waste must be correctly stored and labelled until an authorised manager can collect it and transport it to a transfer centre. There, the used oil is subjected to analysis in order to determine its composition and optimum final destination, applying an initial filtering of the waste in order to eliminate a large portion of the contaminants such as water, mud or metallic particles, among others.


Car repair invoice

Each time we change the oil in our car, as can be seen on the invoice, the driver is contributing 5 euro cent for each kilo of oil acquired that are entirely used to finance the collection and treatment of that lubricant once it becomes waste, a task that we assume in the name of our adhered manufacturing companies.


In 2023, we avoided the contamination of 131,293 t of used industrial oils.

04 cifras acumuladas prevención

Prevention: the first step for environmental protection

of oil with a longer life

of specific oil for microlubrication techniques

of oil that facilitates its management at the end of its useful life

of bases from the regeneration of used oils process

of biodegradable oils



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Used oil in Spain

We guarantee the collection of used oil throughout Spain, regardless of distance or quantity. Every day of the year, through our management network, over 689 used oil collections take place in various points of the national territory.