Componente 12. CONSUMIDORES. Distributiva recuperación del aceite

Recycling process of used industrial oil

Recovery process and recycling from the time this hazardous waste is collected at car repairs until a new product with market value is generated from it.

Componente 9. RECUPERACIÓN DEL ACEITE INDUSTRIAL USADO – Cadena del reciclaje

Used industrial oil recycling chain

When the used oil is removed from the generation points, it is analysed and later transferred to the various treatment plants where the waste becomes an important source of raw materials for the manufacture of new products or to obtain energy.

(7) Qué se hace con el AU

What is done with used oil?

It is given new life, infinite times, through treatments that provide a solution for its contaminating nature.

This process is capable of reintroducing the waste to the production cycle again. It consists of eliminating the contaminants present in the used oil and extracting base oil for the manufacture of new lubricants, thus contributing to significant savings in raw materials.


Environmental commitment

Since 2007, we have complied each year with the ecological objectives of collection, recovery and regeneration of the waste as legally established, extending the collection service to all parts of Spain.


8 componente cita. Distributiva recuperación del aceite

Since the beginning of our activity, we have increased the agreements and contracts with the management industry. Currently, a management network of over 160 companies allows us to guarantee the collection service for used oil in approximately 70,000 production points throughout Spain.

Componente 11 DISTRIBUTIVA Recuperación del aceite. Sabías qué

Used oil in Spain

Castro Urdiales. Cantabria. 
The Agüera river is located here, declared a 'Site of Community Importance ' (SCI) and area of the Nature 2000 European Ecological Network. More than 39 tonnes recovered of used crude oil in this municipality of Cantabria.