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What is done with used oil?

This is a waste with great wealth. Its composition includes important material and energy resources that allow the used oil to be recovered entirely and used as a raw material for manufacturing new products.

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As with all usable waste, used oil must meet prior requirements. It must be correctly extracted and stored and, once recovered, it is analysed in the temporary storage centres or transfer centres where its final destination is determined for treatment through the following processes:

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The process consists of eliminating the water, additives, heavy metals and other sediments from the waste in order to obtain a valid lubricant base for reformulation into new lubricant oils, which contributes to considerable savings of raw materials for the production of new oils. Therefore, the law marks this option as a priority.

Energy recovery

Physical-chemical treatment for decontamination of used oil that makes posterior use as industrial fuel possible, making the most of the calorific value in thermal plants for electricity generation, cement works, paper mills, marine equipment, etc., thus avoid the use of other traditional fuels such as fuel oil.


The used oil can also be subjected to material recycling, and is still valid for producing other materials such as bitumen which is used for waterproof fabrics or road paving, paints, inks, fertilisers or expanded clay.

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