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Used Oils Observatory

The Used Oils Observatory is a digital platform that came about with the intention of being a useful tool for showing how used industrial oil is generated in Spain. A demonstration of the value of the universal collection service provided by SIGAUS, which guarantees that the waste is collected wherever it is generated throughout Spain, even in rural or difficult to access areas, and even if concentrated in small quantities.

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Data consultation by autonomous community

Through an interactive map of Spain, the user can carry out personalised and segmented queries, allowing analysis of each Autonomous Community with a large quantity of content shown in an interactive and multimedia manner, such as sociodemographic data, information regarding the generation and management of used industrial oil, collection operations from protected spaces, rural areas or next to water resources, the type of establishments that generate the used oil, among other figures and content of interest.


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How is used oil generated in Spain?

Used oil is generated in Spain in a very unequal manner: concentrated in certain areas but with the rest being highly dispersed, which implies great logistical complexity and economic cost.

What type of establishments generate used oil?

Car repairs and industries are the most common generators, but the generation of used oil is extremely atomised and is produced in other business activities such as catering, construction, agriculture or commerce, among others.

What service is provided in areas of special environmental risk?

Through SIGAUS, used oil is collected from approximately 3,500 rural towns where there are high rates of fragmentation and dispersion of the waste which require a more complex and costly collection operation.

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Used Oils Observatory

Access to all the interactive information of the used industrial oil management.