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Management Process for used oil

SIGAUS not only articulates a mechanism to finance the management of used oil in Spain, but also a management process that guarantees that the waste is collected from all points of generation throughout the national territory and that it is treated in conformance with law. For this reason, we work with a large and complete network of authorised used oil managers that operate in the different phases of the process: collection, transport, storage, analysis, prior treatment and final treatment.

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Recycling chain

When the used oil is removed from the generation points, where it must have been stored and labelled in accordance with current regulations, it is sent to temporary storage centres where the necessary analyses are performed to determine its composition, possible contamination with other substances, and its optimal final destination.

After the analysis, the used oil is transferred to different types of treatment plants or facilities (regeneration or energy recovery) where it is correctly treated to turn it into an important source of raw materials for the manufacture of new products or to obtain energy.

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