27 cabecera beneficios ambientales

Environmental benefits

The management of used oil since 2007 in Spain has achieved significant environmental benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

4 Recuperación y valorización del aceite usado

Used Oil collection and recovery

tonnes of used oil collected and recovered.

tonnes of used oil regenerated

of used oils with energy recovery.

4 Ahorro de energía y materias primas

Saving of raw materials, emissions and energy

Barrels of oil saved thanks to the regeneration(2).

of CO2 avoided thanks to regeneration, rcompared to oil refining(3).

of energy generated thanks to energy-valued used oil(4).

Of energy saved compared to the first refining process(7).

4 Prevención: eficiencia en el consumo de materias primas

Prevention: efficiency in the consumption of raw materials

of oil that facilitates its management at the end of its useful life

Oils with regenerated bases

Microlubrication techniques

Biodegradable lubricants

84 - Compensación de emisiones de efecto invernadero

11 pie beneficios ambientales

Did you know...?

Regeneration is a great ally in the fight against climate change. For every tonne of waste oil intended for regeneration, the emission into the atmosphere of 3 tonnes of COis avoided.