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Industrial companies acquiring lubricants for their processes should pay €0.05 per kg of acquired oil.

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Componente 09 Buenas prácticas

Best practices

Due to the hazardous nature of used oil, industries must observe its correct extraction and storage to avoid leakage, as well as its correct labelling to identify content and avoid mistakes. Also, the waste must be collected by an authorised manager within a maximum of six months.

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Componente 09 información taladrinas

Cutting fluids

Cutting fluids used in industrial processes show a small amount of used oil compared to the total amount of waste and they include a high percentage of water and metal particles. The collection of this kind of waste implies higher costs and it cannot be done free of charge. For this reason, there is an additional finance fee of €12 per managed tonne of the waste oily part.

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Waste generating sectors






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Fact Sheet

Analysis of the industry sector and its prominent role in the consumption of lubricants, including information and the most relevant data from the industry in its triple role as manufacturer, consumer and producer.

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The energy generated in 2023 from used oil going through energy recovery treatments equals the energy consumed by 89,000 homes.

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We obtain 2 litres of new oil from 3 litres of used oil, whereas to obtain the same amount of oil from the first oil refining we need about 140 litres.