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Management fee

The industrial sector is one of the big lubricant consumers. It uses in a year almost half of the industrial oil commercialised in our country. The unusual characteristic of this sector is that industries play different important roles in the management process of the used industrial oil they generate: they are oil consumers and producers at the same time and sometimes even manufacturers.

(24) La industria como agente "consumidor"

Industry as 'consumer' agent

Industries acquire lubricating oil for its direct use (hydraulic, dielectric, thermal, cutting or transmission and gear oil, etc.) so therefore they are oil consumers and for this reason must pay the SIGAUS fee (€0,05/kg) that the manufacturer adds to the product price. This amount is used in full for the collection and treatment of the resulting used oil.

(24) La industria como agente "productor"

Industry as 'producing' agent

The use of industrial oil involves the generation of used oil. A highly polluting hazardous waste that must be collected and treated in a specific way. Companies that, as a result of their activity, produce this waste are required to extract it and store it under suitable conditions, preventing it from mixing with other residues, leakages or spillages, labelling it correctly and, unless they can directly manage them, giving it to an authorised oil manager.

At SIGAUS we ensure the free collection of used oil, if it meets certain parameters which allows for its correct management. You can check authorised managers who can handle used oil management here.

(24) La industria como agente "fabricante"

Industry as 'Manufacturing' agent

Each company selling industrial oil in Spain under the scope of Royal Decree 679/2006, or appliances, components, equipment, vehicles or machinery including it, either manufactured in Spain or imported, are considered 'manufacturers' for the purposes of the legislation on waste oils (Royal Decree 679/2006) and, as such, are subject to certain legal obligations on waste management oil. These obligations are aimed at guaranteeing, both in logistics and financial terms, that the resulting used oil will be properly collected and treated. For this purpose, the company can organise an individual system or can become part of a collective one, such as SIGAUS.

Companies which delegate this responsibility to SIGAUS, must pay €0.05 per kg of oil placed on the market, becoming this way IMS companies. This fee has a 'neutral effect', since the manufacturer can include this fee in the final price of the lubricant. As for SIGAUS, it assumes its legal obligations regarding used oil, including the collection system, meeting ecological targets set by current legislation or the supply of information to Public Administrations, amongst other obligations. You can check here your obligations as a manufacturer.

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Used oil in Spain

Lago de Sanabria National Park. Zamora.
Located on the foothills of Sierra Segundera and Cabrera, it shelters the biggest glacial lake of the Iberian Peninsula. At SIGAUS we collected more than 5,000 kg of used industrial oil in Puebla de Sanabria in 2021.