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You do more than you think

2010 was a year of reflection for us with regards to communication, as we carried out our first information campaign for drivers in a fully online format. For this campaign, we created the microsite www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org, which has been the framework of the online campaigns that we have carried out since then.

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A new concept

Through the slogan 'You do more than you think', we wanted to move closer to the citizens with a positive message on how they contribute to the recycling chain for used oils and to the protection of the environment when they change the oil in their car.

The main attraction of the campaign was the application integrated to the microsite www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org where drivers could calculate the environmental benefits that they had generated by changing the oil in their car during a period of time, depending on the type of vehicle and the number of changes.

This initiative was accompanied by a varied array of advertising insertions on the online channel and led to our debut on social networks, where we continue to work each day to offer our followers content of interest and a medium where we can listen to their suggestions and concerns.

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