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We are looking for a Environmental Community Manager

In 2014, we decided to implement a new online campaign to promote caring for the environment and good practice in managing used industrial oils. Thanks to this initiative, we were able to plant 1,000 new pine trees in Las Rozas de Madrid, creating the 'Third SIGAUS Forest'.

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Reward for environmental awareness

After the good reception of the 'Plant Life with SIGAUS' and 'Plant Life 2 with SIGAUS' campaigns in the online field, in 2014 we decided to bring a new challenge to our followers that would allow us to continue in the line of the environmental awareness of the previous campaigns and, at the same time, to create a green area for planting a new SIGAUS Forest.

In this campaign, we wanted to focus on the users in the tasks of ecological awareness, so the winner of the campaign would become the Environmental Community Manager, obtaining a job for six months within our communication team.

During the six months of the duration of the campaign, the registered participants had to overcome various tests in order to demonstrate their knowledge of the environment and of the activities carried out by SIGAUS, as well as showing good communication skills which are necessary for a role as a Community Manager.

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Warm welcome on social media

As with previous campaigns, we gave great publicity to the 'We are looking for a Community Environment Manager' initiative, both on our social profiles and through email marketing actions and the promotion of a wide range of online advertising tools and methods, such as Real Time Bidding (RTB), affiliation networks, Google, etc.

Thanks to this publicity, our Facebook profile went from 17,300 to 40,600 followers, whereas on Twitter we managed to reach 3 million users with tweets about the campaign, involving 32,000 participations between retweets, mentions, comments or clicks on the advertising links.