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SIGAUS Partner Car Repair

A key campaign regarding our relationship with the principal collective producer of used industrial oils: the vehicle after-sales sector. The SIGAUS Partner Car Repair Programme is an initiative to add value, in commercial and image terms, to those garages which carry out oil changes for vehicles and assist in the recovery and recycling of waste oil, meeting the requirements and best practices required by environmental regulations.

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Supporting car repairs

More than 3,000 environmentally responsible car repair workshops have already joined the initiative, with free specific stickers and posters to inform their customers that the establishment is involved in the recycling of the waste oil extracted from their vehicles, initiating the recovery of the waste and explaining the reason for the SIGAUS fee (€0.05/kg) when a motorist acquires new lubricating oil.

With this program, we address all types of car repair workshops that do oil changes and that are committed to sustainability and are involved in the collection and recycling of used industrial oil. From independent car repair workshops, to multi-brand garages and official dealerships.

Periodically, we carry out publicity actions for the program, both at fairs and events and through communications through sectoral associations and specialised media. Additionally, we have collaborated with various commercial networks to facilitate membership to the program for all workshops of the network.

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More than 3,000 car repairs that take care of the environment already form part of our Partner Car Repair Programme.

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Ad 'Car repairs that care of the environment'

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