12 cabecera Qué es SIGAUS y por qué existe

What is SIGAUS and why does it exist?

Our mission is to protect the environment from the negative impact of the used oils generated in vehicles, industrial machines and productive processes. Through a management network of approximately 160 management companies that specialise in the collection, analysis and treatment of this hazardous waste, SIGAUS processes 100% of the used oil collected throughout the national territory, in conformance with the current environmental law.

Nuestro origen

Our origin

The origin of SIGAUS meets an initiative of the lubricant producers who, through their participation in this system, meet the obligations set out in the regulations on waste oils (Royal Decree 679/2006 of 2nd June regulating the management of industrial waste oils.

Thus, from 2007 lubricant producers and other parties responsible for commercialising industrial oil or the equipment containing it are responsible for ensuring the proper management and financing of waste oils generated after consumption of industrial oils placed on the Spanish market.

How we are funded

As a non-profit entity, SIGAUS is funded through a fee paid by the adhered manufacturers, depending on the industrial oil that they place on the national market (€0.05 for each kg of oil commercialised), a contribution that is passed on from the manufacturer to the distributor, from the distributor to the car repair workshop and, finally, to the consumer, without any possible modification throughout this chain.

The income obtained is entirely designated to the management of the used oil generated and, therefore, the funding must be sufficient for the System to provide a universal service for collection of the waste that is generated throughout Spain, guaranteeing compliance with the ecological targets established by the environmental authorities.

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