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Manufacturers of industrial oils are the operators responsible for placing the product on the domestic market.

(09) Aceites industriales afectados. DIST. FABRICANTES

Waste oils affected

Industrial oils are considered to be those used for cars and motorbikes, transport and others, gears and automotive transmissions, as well as the gear oils for industry, hydraulic transmissions, shock absorbers, metal work, electrical isolation, highly refined oils and other engine oils. This excludes the industrial oils included in the electrical and electronic devices in the scope of application of RD 110/2015 and those used in the first assembly of vehicles included in the scope of RD 20/2017.

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Our activity is carried out based on entrepreneurial criteria, optimising costs and ensuring the best and most complete management of waste oil in Spain in a manageable way for the sector and within the applicable legal obligations.

(04) Por qué adherirse. DIST. FABRICANTES

Why join?

Comply with the law

The easiest way to comply with the legal obligations imposed on producers/importers of industrial oils.

Quality and efficiency

We comply with the ecological objectives every year, treating 100% of the waste collected.

No worries

We collect used oil from all over Spain and ensure that it is treated in conformance with current legislation.

(09) Eficiencia. DIST. FABRICANTES

Efficiency of the system

At SIGAUS we guarantee the efficiency of the system, optimising the resources we obtain and establishing a balance of the economic flow that affects the various agents that intervene in our IMS so that the used oil can be collected at any generation point in Spain.

04 cifras acumuladas prevención secc fabricantes

Prevention: the first step for environmental protection

of oil with a longer life

of specific oil for microlubrication technique

of oil that facilitates its management at the end of its useful life

of bases from the regeneration of used oils

of biodegradable oils

(09) Mercado lubricantes. DIST. FABRICANTES

Lubricants market in Spain

According to the latest independent study on the lubricant oil market, at SIGAUS we are responsible for the management of 86.01% of the industrial oil placed on the market, as well as an additional 3.10% corresponding to the market quota that is currently in a situation of fraud, which we voluntarily assume through our social commitment and environmental respect.




Did you know...?

Through execution of SIGAUS' Business Prevention Plan, 21,581 tonnes of base oil from regeneration or recycling of used oils have been used in 2023 in the creation of new industrial oils.