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Why join?

If your company is a manufacturer, importer or intracommunity purchaser of industrial oil, or of vehicles, motors, machinery and devices that contain industrial oil, you can comply with the obligations established by Royal Decree 679/2006, dated 2 June, which regulates the management of used industrial oil, by becoming a member of SIGAUS.

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  • Agile and efficient compliance with current legislation. We take care of the selective collection of the used industrial oil after the commercialisation and use of your products, as well as correct management of the oil and guaranteeing compliance with the ecological targets set by the regulations. For your company, the SIGAUS membership contract is proof of its compliance with current legislation.
  • Also, we comply with the obligation of reporting all activity carried out regarding the management of used oil to the autonomous regions and, for all companies that request it, we create the four-year Business Prevention Plans required by law.
  • Depending on the oil that your company places on the domestic market, you must pay €0.05/kg, an amount that we fully designate to funding the management of the oil resulting from your products. This amount must be passed on to the purchaser of the lubricant and clearly shown on the invoice, to the end consumer, without any modification throughout the chain, as established by the legislation.
  • The member companies must include the SIGAUS logo on the labeling of their industrial oil as proof of compliance with the regulations on waste oils through the IMS membership.
  • We represent 90% of the Spanish industrial oil market. We are a flexible and valid mechanism for companies of all types that operate in very different economic sectors and that are affected by the legislation.

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Comply with the law

Through SIGAUS is the easiest way to comply with the legal obligations imposed on producers/importers.

Quality and efficiency

Each year we comply with the ecological objectives, reaching regeneration rates of over 70%.

No worries

We take care of collecting the waste and treating it correctly in conformance with current legislation.

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Used oil in Spain

Duna de Bolonia Natural Monument. Andalusia.
Natural monument located in the Cádiz municipality of Tarifa, where SIGAUS collected more than 19,000 kg of used oil from 26 different points.