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Under the premise that the best waste is that which is never generated, the prevention of waste is the most valuable environmental solution and the flagstone of the 'hierarchy principle' promoted by the 2008 Waste Directive, under the legal framework of the European Union for waste management.

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The results of our Business Prevention Plans have demonstrated the efforts by our adhered companies to implement and maintain an active and global prevention policy that addresses all phases of the industrial oil's life cycle.

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The most outstanding figures that shed light on prevention efforts, where innovation plays a key role in advancing the development of more durable, efficient and sustainable products.

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Used oil in Spain

Somosierra birch grove. Community of Madrid.
Unique forest of birch trees, maple trees, hazel trees and holly bushes, located under the wing of the Cebollera Nueva peak (1,834 m), on the southern slope of Puerto de Somosierra. We collected 13,813 tonnes of used oil from 7,016 manufacturers in this region.