Cabecera subdistributiva eficiencia


At SIGAUS, we guarantee the efficiency of the system, making it compatible with compliance with the objectives for management and resource optimisation, ensuring long-term sustainability. We work to improve this economic efficiency, adapting to a market that changes as frequently as the oil market.

9. Eficiencia Garantía de gestión

Management guarantee

One of the most important principles that we focus on at SIGAUS is the proportional adjustment between the amount established for the adhered companies and the funding that must be provided in order to guarantee management of the waste. It is precisely this equanimity that guarantees the feasibility of the system, compliance with the obligations and the obtaining of a 'reasonable profit', as legally established, for the management companies.

9. Eficiencia Control de operaciones

Control of operations

Through the rigorous information provided by the manufacturers and managers, with their declarations to our Information Technology System (ITS), it is possible to establish the traceability of the used oil in a very accurate way, from its origin to its final destination, while simultaneously guaranteeing that the entirety of the waste is collected and treated in the most adequate way.

11 pie eficiencia

Used oil in Spain

Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean. Autonomous City of Ceuta.
This reserve has a rich natural heritage, as a strategic point for the migratory routes between Europe and Africa for both birds and marine species. 81 tonnes of used oil were generated in Ceuta.