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Control of operations

Our ITS offers complete traceability of used oil in Spain and permits the guarantee that all of the waste is adequately collected and managed.

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Maximum traceability of the waste

To verify that we achieve the ecological targets required by the current legislation and to ensure the feasibility of the system, we carry out rigorous control of the management operations carried out, monitoring both the industrial oil placed on the market by our adhered companies and the waste that is collected and treated by our network of management companies.

For this, we have our ITS (Information Technology System), a software tool that provides us with a great quantity of information through the declarations sent by our adhered companies and by our network of managers, allowing us to see the traceability of the waste and, in short, to know where the used industrial oil is generated in Spain and in what quantities, who collects it, where it is delivered and to what final treatment it is submitted.



Also, this tool allows us to cross check the information provided by the manufacturers and managers in order to verify that the quantity of waste generated is proportional to the amount of industrial oil that is placed on the market and that, in short, the entirety of the waste is correctly collected and managed. Furthermore, the data obtained by the ITS serves as a base to prepare the information we provide to the public administrations each year, in accordance with the establishments of current legislation.

In order to verify the accuracy and rigour of the data provided for the ITS, and in order to guarantee the efficiency of the system, through the independent firm PwC, we periodically undertake reviews of the declarations made by the manufacturers and by the managers. In the case of the manufacturers, we review that the quantities declared correspond to those placed on the market, based on the accountancy in these companies.

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Used oil in Spain

Desfiladero del Cares. Picos de Europa National Park. Asturias and Castilla y León.
One of the most characteristic elements of the Picos de Europa National Park. In the Asturian municipalities surrounding the Park, more than 12,000 kg of waste oils were generated.