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Waste oils affected

Article 2 of Royal Decree 679/2006 includes mineral, synthetic or animal assimilated base industrial oils, particularly oils for combustion engines, transmission systems, lubricants, turbine and hydraulic systems.

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  • The law refers to oils where the first economic transaction occurs in Spanish territory.
  • This includes all products and preparations indicated in Annex III of the Royal Decree.
  • The scope of application includes oils used in certain vehicles, devices and systems.

There are two groups:

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Oils for cars and motorcycles, transport and other, gears and automotive transmissions.

Industrial use

Gear oils for industry, hydraulic transmission, shock absorbers, metalworking, electrical insulation, highly refined oils and other engine oils.

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Annex III of Royal Decree 679/2006
(Amended by Order ARM/795/2011, of 31st March).

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Combined Nomenclature Codes (8) that correspond to lubricating oils of mineral, synthetic or assimilated animal origin included in the scope of this Royal Decree, without prejudice to other lubricating oils that are also included, in application of that set out in the second paragraph of article 2.a) of this Royal Decree.

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Lubricating oils and others:
2710 19 71 Lubricating oils and others intended for a specific process(9).
2710 19 75 Lubricating oils and others intended for chemical transformation through a process other than those specified in subheading 2710 19 71(9).
2710 19 81 Oils for engines, compressors and turbines.
2710 19 83 Liquids for hydraulic transmission.
2710 19 87 Gear oils.
2710 19 91 Oils for metallurgy, mould-release oils, anticorrosion oils.
2710 19 93 Electrical insulating oils.
2710 19 99 Other lubricating oils and others.
Lubricating preparations containing petroleum or bituminous oils
3403 11 00 Preparations for the treatment of textile materials, leather, skins or other materials.
3403 19 10 Containing petroleum oils or bituminous material exceeding 70% by weight, but not as the basic components.
3403 19 20 Lubricants with carbon content of biological origin (Definition according to standard EN 16575) of at least 25% in mass and that are biodegradable at a level of at least 60%. (Replaces the prior 3403 19 90)(10)
3403 19 80 Other. (Replaces the prior 3403 19 90)(10) 
3403 91 00 Preparations for the treatment of textile materials, leather, skins or other materials.
3403 99 00 Other. Other. (Replaces the former 3403 99 10 and 3403 99 90 of Royal Decree 679/2006).
Additives for lubricating oils:
3811 21 00 Containing petroleum or bituminous mineral oils.
3811 29 00 Others.
3811 90 00 Others.
3819 00 00 Hydraulic brake fluids and other prepared liquids for hydraulic transmission, not containing petroleum oils, bituminous minerals or with a content of these oils below 70% by weight.

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Waste oils excluded

This excludes the industrial oils included in the electrical and electronic devices in the scope of application of RD 110/2015 and those used in the first assembly of vehicles included in the scope of RD 20/2017, such as:

  • Vehicles for transporting people and their luggage, with a maximum of eight seats as well as the driver's seat.  
  • Vehicles for transporting goods, with a maximum weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes.
  • Vehicles with three symmetrical wheels and an engine with a capacity exceeding 50 cm3 for internal combustion engines, or with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h, excluding mopeds.

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Did you know...?

The management of used oil through the existing treatments leads to achieving significant benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.