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Free and universal collection

At SIGAUS we guarantee the universal and free collection of used industrial oil generated in Spain, no matter the amount or location. In order to do so, we collaborate with a network of more than 160 management companies with which we have signed agreements and contracts to perform the necessary used oil collection and treatment operations.

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Automotive aftermarket sector in figures

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collection operations

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Invoice breakdown

The funding of the universal and free collection service of used oil that we offer comes from the fees paid by adhered companies (companies that manufacture and sell lubricants), which in turn are passed on to the final consumer according to current regulation. This fee must be of €0.05 per every kg of oil and car repairs must show the breakdown on their invoices issued to clients.

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With SIGAUS things are done the right way. In terms of communication, the client receives more awareness information, something that clearly helps car repairs. Talleres Félix Moreno (Cádiz).

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Fact Sheet

The automotive sector is the main recipient of lubricating oil in Spain, and for this reason the workshops become a key part from which the waste management process begins. An analysis of its fundamental role and how, thanks to its contribution, SIGAUS makes possible the operation of a system that protects the environment from its harmful effects and allows obtaining energy and new raw materials.

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Did you know...?

Car Repairs must correctly extract and store used oils preventing leakage or spillage. It is also important to use labels to identify the content and avoid confusion with other waste types.

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