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Eleventh SIGAUS Forest

Thanks to the agreement reached with the Boadilla del Monte Town Council, residents of the Madrid town can now enjoy a new green space consisting of 1,000 ash trees located on a 3.2-hectare plot in the Vega del Arroyo de la Fresnera, in the Monte Sur area of Boadilla.

24. Parrafo Undecimo Bosque

The 11th SIGAUS Forest has been made possible thanks to the agreement signed with the Boadilla del Monte Town Council in January 2023, and will provide a new green lung of 1,000 ash trees that will contribute to regenerating the mass of this species in the Vega del Arroyo de la Fresnera, located in the Monte Sur area of the municipality.

The tree species chosen for this project is the ash tree (fraxinus angustifolia), a deciduous tree that can reach a height of 20 metres, and which adapts very well to all climates. An adult ash tree can capture 21.7 kg of CO2 daily, converting it into 6 kg of oxygen, making this type of tree a great ally in mitigating pollution.

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The 1,000 ash trees in the Boadilla del Monte urban forest add to the 10,000 trees already planted by the 'SIGAUS Forests' initiative, aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions and improving the environment.

Besides helping to combat climate change, this urban forest will improve the quality of life of Boadilla del Monte’s residents, who will have a new recreational area in which to enjoy outdoor leisure activities and sports.

The ‘Forest Challenge’ campaign and the 11th SIGAUS Forest

The over 2,000 users who participated in our ‘Forest Challenge’ social media campaign have made the 11th SIGAUS Forest a reality. The first 1,000 won the prize of being able to choose the name of one of the 1,000 trees in this new project. In addition, we gave users sachets of cypress seeds so they could plant trees in the surroundings in which they live.

With the Boadilla del Monte Forest, the ‘SIGAUS Forests’ reforestation initiative adds 1,000 trees to the 10,000 trees already planted in the province of Madrid and Toledo in recent years, with the aim of contributing to environmental sustainability by offsetting polluting emissions in the atmosphere.

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