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Sixth SIGAUS Forest

The Sixth SIGAUS Forest is already growing in Collado Villalba thanks to the 'SIGAUS Challenge' awareness campaign, providing the Romacalderas park and the Prado Manzano area with 1,000 new trees that contribute towards compensating the CO2 emissions.

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The Sixth SIGAUS Forest is the environmental reward for the environmental awareness campaign 'SIGAUS Challenge', which we launched in early 2017. An online competition on the www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org website, our Facebook profile www.facebook.com/hacesmasconsigaus and also available as a mobile app where, through four fun games, the users can learn about the life cycle of waste oil, opting for various prizes including the possibility of naming one of the 1,000 trees that have already been planted in this SIGAUS Forest.

The planting of these new green areas, which has been possible thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Town Hall of Collado Villalba, is already growing in a plot of 17,0002 located in the Romacalderas Park and another plot of 2,200 located between Prado Manzano street and the road that leads towards the town of Moralzarzal, both areas including play areas and walking routes. The new trees, as on previous occasions, will be labeled with the names of the "SIGAUS Challenge" winners.

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Two new green areas with a total of 1,000 trees that are helping with the fight against climate change.

The planting of the Sixth Forest

In the month of May, we celebrated the official event for the planting of the Sixth Forest, where the SIGAUS leaders, accompanying the Councillor for the Environment of the Community of Madrid, Jaime González Taboada, and the Mayoress of the town, Mariola Vargas, launched the planting of 1,000 new trees in the Romacalderas park and the area of Prado Manzano.

The event was also visited by the Councillor for the Environment at City Hall, Yolanda Martínez, and numerous students from the Rosa Chacel school who were allowed to participating in the planting and thus celebrate the European Natura 2000 Day, a European ecological network for conservation of areas of biodiversity.

The Mayoress of Collado Villalba thanked the SIGAUS representatives for providing the possibility of a new green space in the town that will hold 1,000 trees of different leafy and coniferous trees which, upon reaching maturity, will be able to contribute to the fight against climate change thanks to the absorption of CO2.

During the event, which was also attended by the Director General for the Environment of the Community of Madrid, Diego Sanjuanbenito, three caged birds were released, one kestrel and two eagles, which were recovered by the Council for the Environment.

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