27. cabecera quinto bosque

Fifth SIGAUS Forest

The creation of this SIGAUS Forest, located in the Madrid town of Leganés, has been possible thanks to the participation of over 10,000 users in the SIGAUS Grand Prix 2.0 competition.

24 parrafo quinto bosque sigaus

An Internet initiative that we launched in April 2016 and that forms part of the social awareness project 'You do more than you think', with the objective of raising awareness among citizens of the importance of correctly collecting and environmentally treating a waste as hazardous as used industrial oil.

In the game hosted on the www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org website and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/hacesmasconsigaus, through four fun games and a final test, users discovered the life cycle of used oil, playing for numerous prizes, including an environmental prize with the possibility of giving their name to one of the 1,000 trees planted in the 'Fifth SIGAUS Forest'.

For the creation of this Fifth SIGAUS Forest, a collaboration agreement was signed with the Town Hall of Leganés (Madrid) with an express agreement between the top representatives from both institutions, Santiago Llorente, Mayor of Leganés, and Eduardo de Lecea, Managing Director of SIGAUS.

The planting of this new green area took place in spring, fully funded by SIGAUS, overseeing both the planting, as well as the installation of the irrigation network, connected to the municipal network, for its maintenance in the first year.

32 parrafo 2 quinto bosque sigaus

An urban forest that is home to 1,000 trees of the species Pinus pinea (stone pine).

Fifth SIGAUS Forest

This forest, located in the public plot of Solagua, in a green space that occupies 29,700 m2, from Avenida del Pueblo Saharaui to Calle Brasil, hosts 1,000 trees from the Pinus pinea species (stone pine). A tree species from the pine family, originally from the Mediterranean. Its name comes from its seed, large pines that are highly valued on a culinary level, which are used in gastronomy as an accompaniment to some meat dishes, but are mostly used as a prized ingredient in baking.

15. Botón Quinto Bosque SIGAUS

Galeria Quinto Bosque

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