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First SIGAUS Forest

'Plant Life with SIGAUS' was the internet and social media-focused communication campaign that led to the 'SIGAUS Forest' project, an initiative that combined an advergaming concept and a real Corporate Social Responsibility project through which we planted the First SIGAUS Forest, with 1,000 trees, to contribute to the reforestation of green areas and the compensation of CO2 emissions.

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The campaign was focused on an online game, accessible through our Facebook page or from the campaign website: Www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org,, in which users had to play with a plant and care for their own virtual tree for 24 days, during which they had to perform basic maintenance actions such as watering, fertilising and pruning, as well as answer simple questions about SIGAUS and nature. The first players to complete all stages of the game were rewarded with the planting of a real tree with their name, with geolocation and labels with the name of the winning users.

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The First SIGAUS Forest with 1,000 trees to contribute to the reforestation of green areas and to the compensation of CO2 emissions.

By signing a collaboration agreement with the Town Hall of Alcobendas, in an act on 17 April 2012, with the intervention of the Mayor of the Town Hall of Alcobendas, Mr. Ignacio García de Vinuesa Gardoqui, and the chairman of SIGAUS, Mr. José Luis Prieto Menéndez, the planting work began, where a group of volunteers from the municipality of Alcobendas took part, in the public green area of 'El Juncal' in this town.

First SIGAUS Forest

The SIGAUS Forest has 800 units of Aleppo pine and 200 units of white maple, in a green area of 33,000 m2 of surface, located near the Plaza Norte 2 Shopping Centre and next to the side (heading towards Madrid) of kilometre 17.7 of the A-1 highway.

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