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Eighth SIGAUS Forest

The Madrid municipality of Villalbilla is home to the Eighth SIGAUS Forest, a new green area comprising of 1,000 trees, which was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the more than 7,000 users who participated in the environmental awareness campaign ‘Paseo de la Naturaleza’ (A walk through Nature).

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This new green space is the environmental award linked to the ‘Paseo de la Naturaleza’ campaign, carried out in our social media profiles in order to promote the protection of nature, and increase environmental awareness among our followers. Through four different stages, the more than 7,000 users who participated in this initiative (this is the best data ever recorded among all our social media campaigns) were eligible to become one of the 1,000 winners of a tree in the Eighth SIGAUS Forest. The lucky winners were able to christen their tree with the name of a friend, an animal in danger of extinction, a historical character related to the environment or a Sustainable Development Goal.

The planting of this new forest is the result of the agreement reached with the municipality of Villalbilla, with whom we committed to the planting of 1,000 trees, located on a plot of 4.2 hectares. Once the ‘Paseo de La Naturaleza’ campaign had ended, the trees were labelled with the name chosen by the winners, who are able to visit their tree both in person and virtually through the page www.hacesmasdeloquecrees.org

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Thanks to this new agreement with the City Council of Villalbilla, we already have 8,000 trees planted in 24 reforested hectares within our ‘SIGAUS Forests’ environmental project.

The planting of the Eighth Forest

The Eighth SIGAUS Forest is already growing on the street, Alfonso X El Sabio, in the municipality of Villalbilla. It comprises of 1,000 trees, 980 of the species Pinus pinea (Stone pine), one of the most effective in terms of offsetting greenhouse gases, as it can absorb up to 60 kg of CO2 per foot at 20 years, and is able to reach a height of 30 metres. The remaining 20 belong to the species Pinus halepensis (Aleppo pine), which is also highly efficient in terms of absorbing pollutant emissions and can grow up to a height of 20 metres; it has a twisted trunk and greyish bark.

Once they fully mature, these trees will also serve as an acoustic and visual protective screen from the nearby High-Speed Train (AVE) passing through, thus providing greater well-being and quality of life to the inhabitants of this area and shaded spaces for the trails to be enjoyed by both pedestrians and cyclists.

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