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On behalf of our adhered companies, we comply with the obligations that they have as manufacturers of industrial oils, which translates to a commitment to society to ensure that used oil is not an environmental problem.

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Royal Decree 679/2006 sets out the following obligations for producers of industrial lubricating oils (notably those responsible for the initial entry into the domestic market of industrial oils included in any of the Combined Nomenclature Codes in Annex III), mandatory from 1st January 2007.

  • To fund and guarantee adequate management of the used industrial oils generated after consumption on the domestic market.
  • To guarantee the ecological objectives for recovery (95% of used oil generated), energy recovery (100% of the used oil collected) and regeneration (at least 65% of the collected oil that can be recovered), as established by the legislation.
  • To periodically inform the autonomous communities of the volume of industrial oil placed on the domestic market, waste management and compliance with environmental targets.
  • To develop business prevention plans every four years.
  • To participate, voluntarily, in information and environmental awareness campaigns, whether individually or through the IMS adhered to.
  • To correctly label the packaging and include an identifying logo of the IMS adhered to.

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Participation in the IMS

Producers can meet their obligations individually taking responsibility of an amount of waste oil equivalent to that generated by the products sold by them, or collectively, through an integrated management system (IMS), which brings together different agents (producers). 

In the case of an IMS such as SIGAUS, it is this entity who, on behalf of its member companies and with funding from them (by providing an amount per kg of industrial oil placed on the domestic market for the first time), ensures that each and every one of the requirements are met.

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Used oil in Spain

Hayedo de Otzarreta, Gorbeia Natural Park. Basque Country.
Located between Álava and Vizcaya, it is the largest Natural Park in the Basque Country. The collection in the municipalities surrounding the Park was nearly 20,000 kg.