(27) Cabecera Declaración aceites (SIT)

Industrial oil declaration (ITS)

We avail of rigorous control mechanisms that allows us to monitor the placement of industrial oil on the market in real time, as well as the used oil that is being collected and treated in any part of the country. For this, we offer our member companies access to a Information Technology System (ITS), a software tool to automate and record the data easily and quickly over the Internet, and providing ourselves with a detailed control of the market concerned and the information necessary to meet the information requirement set out by the government.

(24) Bloque declaraciones (SIT). FABRICANTES

Declaration of industrial oils placed on the market

  • The objective of the ITS for manufacturers is to register the industrial oils placed on the market subject to Royal Decree 679/2006.
  • Our member companies declare, on a monthly basis, through the ITS, the amount of industrial oil they have placed on the domestic market, disaggregating the data by type of oil (industrial, automotive and others), by origin (domestic manufacture or import/intracommunity transaction) and destination autonomous community. Also, data is provided on oils not subject to treatment by SIGAUS, such as oil destined for the manufacture of electrical and electronic devices and vehicles.
  • This statement is used to calculate the amounts that the member company is invoiced in the concept of participation in the integrated management system, thus fulfilling their obligations as a manufacturer.

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2023 Declarations

2023 Placed on the market

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Procedure for refunding the economic contribution due to export.

For the industrial oils that, after being initially placed on the domestic market, are issued abroad (exports or intracommunity sales), a refund procedure is established (with documentary justification) for the companies that pay their contribution to SIGAUS for the purchase of industrial oils in Spain for companies adhered to the IMS that manufacture lubricants.

This procedure, which is not derived from a legal requirement, implies a significant economic and financial effort for SIGAUS that reduces costs for the export activity, positively affecting the competitiveness of Spanish companies abroad.

11 pie declaración aceites industriales

Used oil in Spain

Faro de Melilla La Vieja in the city walls. Autonomous City of Melilla.
Collection in the territories that are not part of the peninsula presents an additional difficulty. SIGAUS managed the collection of 106 tonnes of used oil in Melilla in 2021.