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SIGAUS contribution and
invoice breakdown

The companies adhered to the IMS must make the economic contributions listed below.


  • Initial Contribution

    A one-off membership fee of:

    • €5,000 if the amount of industrial oils placed on the market by the participating company is 2,000 tonnes/year or more.
    • €2,000 if the amount is of 100 tonnes/year or more but less than 2,000 tonnes/year.
    • Free if the amount placed on the market is less than 100 tonnes/year.
  • Regular contributions

    0.05 Euros per kilo of industrial oil placed on the domestic market for the first time.

    This amount must be passed on and broken down on invoices along the whole marketing chain to the end user (who must bear this) in accordance with the provisions of the Fourth Additional Provision of Royal Decree 679/2006.

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Did you know...?

At SIGAUS, we promote protection of the environment and sustainable development by planting six forests in order to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions, thus favouring the fight against climate change.