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Students from the University of Jaen visit SERTEGO's plant in Fuenlabrada and attend the SIGAUS Environmental Classroom training

In its efforts to raise environmental awareness among future professionals, the SIGAUS Environmental Classroom continues with its commitment to providing training, collaborating with educational institutions throughout Spain since 2018. For the sixth consecutive year, the students of the University of Jaen (UJA) were the focus of this initiative as they travelled to Fuenlabrada to participate in the training session offered by SIGAUS and to visit the facilities of SERTEGO's waste oil regeneration plant.


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Over thirty students from the Civil Engineering Degree and the Masters in Land Transport and Logistics Engineering of the University of Jaen (UJA) attended the SIGAUS training session on April 24th. The activity provided the participants with a highly enriching practical experience on managing industrial waste oil.

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According to Teresa Cotés, professor at UJA, “the training offered by the SIGAUS Environmental Classroom is very valuable for our students. Not only does it provide them with knowledge on the management of industrial waste oil, but it also gives them a broader understanding of the importance of sustainability in the industrial field, which will be very useful in their future careers.”

The students of UJA’s Linares campus, accompanied by Teresa Cotés (University professor of Chemical Engineering), Ana Belén López (Coordinator of the Environmental Technologies area) and Luisa Molina (Senior Teaching and Research Support Technician of the Department of Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering), first visited the SERTEGO industrial waste oil regeneration plant, located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). There, facility managers explained in detail the process that industrial waste oil undergoes, from the moment it arrives at the plant in tankers to the moment it leaves the plant as a lubricant base that will be used to manufacture new oils.

Afterwards, the students of the University of Jaen, from different origins (Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Ecuador, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Russia), then attended the SIGAUS Environmental Classroom training. During the session, they were able to learn about SIGAUS’ work as a Collective Extended Producer Responsibility System (SCRAP) of waste oils and what types of treatment are applied to this potentially polluting waste, thus allowing it to be 100% recycled and returned to the market in the form of new products: a perfect example of Circular Economy.

Beyond this knowledge, the SIGAUS training activity highlighted the importance of sustainability in preserving natural resources and trying to slow down climate change, emphasising the environmental responsibility of the next generation of professionals.

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