(27) Cabecera uso del logotipo. FABRICANTES

Use of the logo

In article 11.4, the regulations state that the integrated management systems for used oils must include an identifying logo which can be used to verify that the placement of the industrial oil on the market and the collection of the used oil is carried out in the legally established manner. The logo must be placed in a very visible place on the industrial oil packaging placed on the market, through the manufacturers associated with the management system, to be immediately identified by the consumer.

(24) Intro uso logotipo. FABRICANTES.

The use of the logo must respect its integrity, proportions and chromatic unity. It may not be supplemented with any mention or graphic element, nor may it be added to or altered without the formal written agreement of SIGAUS. However, this new image is perfectly compatible with the application of the previous symbols to industrial oil containers.

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