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SIGAUS displays its support for car repairs at Motortec Automechanika

The Company has been in attendance for the fifth time at Motortec, the main event dedicated to the sector for automotive after-sales, held between the 15th and 18th of March in Madrid. As an innovation for this year’s event, SIGAUS’ stand welcomed a radiophonic talk-show named “Ecogestiona” from the broadcaster Radio Intereconomía that spoke of the reduction of environmental impact in car repairs. The Company also provided information on its free service for the collection of waste oils and its Collaborator Car Repair Programme.


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Motortec Automechanika is the main trade fair in the after-sales sector in Spain. Its most recent edition boasted impressive attendance with more than 55,000 visitors passing through its doors to enjoy 40,000 m2 of exhibition space offering room for more than 700 exhibiting companies displaying state-of-the-art information on spare parts and accessories, garage and car repair equipment or components for industrial vehicles, amongst other aspects.

This is the fifth occasion that SIGAUS has attended this event to show its support for the after-sales sector, the main producer sector of waste industrial oils that has on-hand 42,500 car repairs which each year produce around 70,000 tons of residue. From its stand, SIGAUS notified these establishments of its free service for the collection of waste oils that they generate, through the Company’s web page (www.sigaus.es), car repairs can find at least one authorised handler who can offer them this free service for the collection of waste residue at no cost, regardless of wherever their establishment is located or the amount of waste oil that they have generated.

Furthermore, SIGAUS informed, more than 2,000 visitors to its stand, on the stages that comprise the management cycle for waste oil, and the environmental benefits that are derived from this work.

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The SIGAUS Stand became a radio studio to host a gathering of the Ecogestiona program of Radio Intereconomía, during which the reduction of the environmental impact in the automotive after-sales sector was debated.

Radio talk-show at SIGAUS’ stand


As an innovation for this year’s Motortec event, SIGAUS’ stand welcomed a radiophonic talk-show named “Ecogestiona” from the broadcaster Radio Intereconomía that spoke of the reduction of environmental impact in the sector for automotive after-sales

in a specially dedicated broadcast. The main element of the show was a discussion on the handling of car repair residues, in which Nuria Álvarez, Head of Institutional Relations at CONEPA (The Spanish Federation of Automotive Professionals), Julián Madruga, Head of Companies Affiliated to SIGNUS (Integrated Management System for Used Pneumatics), Raúl González, journalist specialised in the car repair sector, and Fermín Martínez de Hurtado, Head of Institutional Relations and Communication at SIGAUS all took part.

The programme touched on the important task undertaken by car repairs in caring for the environment, the measures that they have adopted in recent years to protect it, or how residues in the automotive sector such as waste oils or tyres are managed, along with many other residues.

Acknowledgment for car repairs

From its stand, SIGAUS also informed the car repairs in attendance of its Collaborator Car Repair Programme, an initiative geared towards those workshops who perform oil changing operations for vehicles, and who collaborate in the collection and recycling of waste oils, fulfilling the requirements and good practices set forth in the applicable environmental legislation in force.

These establishments can sign up for this Programme at no cost and receive the accolade of “SIGAUS Collaborator Car Repair”, which comes with a special free sign to hang in their stores. In this way, clients are duly informed that this establishment takes part in the recycling of the waste oils extracted from their vehicles, initiating the recovery of the residue and explaining why the SIGAUS surcharge (0.06€/kg) is payable when a motorist acquires new lubricating oil.

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