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SIGAUS' market share

The lubricant market is a complex sector, with a great variety and typology of companies, products and services that place industrial oils on the market for multiple uses.

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Unlike other sectors, it is not possible to identify what quantity of industrial oil corresponds to each manufacturer with regards to the resulting used oil, as it has no brand or label, making it necessary to undertake independent periodic studies that offer accurate information on the market structure, quantifying the different segments and determining the fraction of the total market represented by companies that are adhered to SIGAUS. This takes into consideration that the legislation requires that each producer shall ensure the proper management of an amount of waste oil directly proportional to the amount of new oil placed on the market (art 1.2. RD 679/2006). In this way, SIGAUS' market quota defines the financial responsibility that the System must assume with regards to the total used oil generated in Spain.

After the latest independent study of the market regarding the industrial oil consumed in Spain, SIGAUS has updated its market quota on January 1st, 2024, which is positioned at 89.11%. The IMS voluntarily assumes responsibility for fraudulent operators, adding 3.10 points to 86.01%, a percentage of the total volume represented by the oils commercialised by the adhered companies. 

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Used oil in Spain

Sierra Espuña Regional Park.
Region of Murcia

Pertaining to the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Totana, Aledo and Mula, this park is found within the Segura Basin. In these municipalities more than 350 t of waste oils were collected.