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The Madrid municipality of Tres Cantos will be home to a new ‘SIGAUS Forest’

SIGAUS, the organisation responsible for guaranteeing the proper management of used industrial oils from vehicles, machinery and equipment, and the Tres Cantos Town Council have reached an agreement to create the ‘Thirteenth SIGAUS Forest’ in this Madrid municipality. It will be a green space of 1,000 trees that will help offset CO2 emissions, in addition to serving as a new leisure area for inhabitants. The initiative is part of the ‘SIGAUS Forests’ project, which has planted 12,000 trees since 2012.


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Tres Cantos is the municipality which will house the ‘Thirteenth SIGAUS Forest’, a green space of 1,000 trees to be planted in the coming months, thanks to an agreement reached between the town council and SIGAUS, signed by Jesús Moreno García, Mayor of Tres Cantos, and Eduardo de Lecea, General Manager of SIGAUS.

As stated in the agreement, this urban forest will be located in Parque Sur of Tres Cantos, a 30-hectare forest park where the public can stroll and enjoy nature, as well as having an area for urban vegetable gardens. The planting will consist of 1,000 trees of various species: 500 stone pine trees, 250 cork oaks and 250 holm oaks, which will help offset CO2 emissions, conserve biodiversity and provide the inhabitants of Tres Cantos with a new area to enjoy leisure and sport outdoors. These 1,000 trees will join the more than 60,000 trees in the municipality of Tres Cantos, distributed among a large number of gardens, parks and green areas characterised by large expanses of grass and shrubs.

“In the 21st century, European cities are home to 71% of the continent’s population. As such, the EU is focusing on creating green infrastructure to conserve biodiversity in increasingly urban landscapes. Agreements like the one signed with the Town Council of Tres Cantos, within the context of ‘SIGAUS Forests’, enable us to contribute to future generations benefiting from a more sustainable environment, while promoting environmental awareness and dissemination”, stressed the General Director of SIGAUS.

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The Thirteenth SIGAUS Forest will be home to 1,000 various species of trees that will help offset CO2 emissions, in addition to serving as a new leisure area for the inhabitants of Tres Cantos.

For his part, the mayor thanked SIGAUS “for having wanted to involve Tres Cantos in this initiative that contributes to offsetting CO2 emissions and combating climate change, and which, with this forest, adds to the extensive green areas that our municipality already has”.

The Thirteenth SIGAUS Forest will include two information panels that, in addition to specifying its location, will inform pedestrians of how the forest is the result of the agreement between SIGAUS and the Tres Cantos Town Council, and of the environmental benefits brought about by this urban forest.

Besides financing the planting of these 1,000 trees, SIGAUS will be responsible for installing a drip irrigation system to guarantee their survival during their first years of life, and will replace the specimens as necessary, when the first summer season after planting has ended, until the initial 1,000 trees have been planted.

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Reforestation and environmental awareness

In addition to ensuring proper collection and treatment of the used industrial oil generated in Spain, SIGAUS feels very strongly about disseminating information on environmental matters. For this purpose, the entity has developed various campaigns, including this project, ‘SIGAUS Forests’. Through this reforestation initiative that began in 2012, the organisation has planted 12,000 trees in the twelve SIGAUS Forests that exist so far and that are located in various Madrid municipalities and the city of Toledo.

Through this project, the organisation not only contributes to offsetting CO2 emissions and fighting against climate change, but also involves citizens in the need to protect the environment, as well as providing them with new green areas that improve their quality of life. 


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