System Managers

At SIGAUS, we are currently working with a network of 160 authorised management companies that allow us to guarantee the universal collection service for producers of used oil.

Componente 24. GESTORES. Gestores del sistema

A network with guarantees

Through the contracts and agreements that we have with more than 160 companies authorised by the various autonomous communities for the management of used industrial oils, the operations funded by SIGAUS, as an IMS, are viable and cover the management cycle for this waste: the collection, analysis, transport, pre-treatment and recovery.

The funding that these managers receive from SIGAUS, together with the income obtained from commercialisation of the used oils, collected in a free market context, or from the products obtained from the treatment, means that the operations carried out with the waste are profitable and 'reasonable profit' can be obtained, as established by article 13.2 of Royal Decree 679/2006. This guarantees the collection and correct treatment of used industrial oil throughout Spain, in accordance with this regulation.

Since we started our activity in 2007, we have been increasing the number of authorised managers that we have contracts and agreements with in order to have a greater management guarantee. Thus, we currently have a network of approximately 160 management companies as well as practically all of the used oil regeneration facilities and those that undertake pre-treatment for energy recovery, as well as a large number of companies that collect the waste. As well as a wide collection coverage, this management network allows us to comply with the ecological objectives established by law in the most efficient way possible.

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Guadalest Reservoir. Comunidad Valenciana.
Mediterranean pine forest surrounded by mountain ranges, famous for its castle and narrow alleyways. Penetration of our logistics model in the area is very high, as well as in the most isolated and/or unpopulated areas.