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Our funding system provides more resources for the operations undertaken in areas that are far from large urban nuclei (such as mountain or disadvantaged areas), where the collection of the used oil has a higher cost and a greater environmental impact is avoided. 

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A model by sections

The funding model for the collection operations carried out by managers we have contracts with is based on zoning of the Spanish municipalities, which are distributed in 4 sections depending on the two variables that most clearly affect the collection costs, which are the distance to be travelled to the producer's facilities and the volume collected.

With this funding model, our aim is to comply with our obligations (in the name of our adhered companies) regarding the collection and management of used oil in Spain, funding the possible deficits that may be caused by the operations carried out by the used oil managers, which may occur particularly when the price of petroleum drops.

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  Number of municipalities % of the total
Spanish municipalities
Funding 2018
ZONE 1 233 3% €10.00/t
ZONE 2 394 5% €10.00/t
ZONE 3 971 12% €10.00/t
ZONE 4 6,526 80% €10.00/t
General total 8,124 100% €10.00/t


Distance to closest manager Over 150 km ZONE 4 ZONE 4 ZONE 4 ZONE 4
100 to 150 km ZONE 3 ZONE 3 ZONE 3 ZONE 4
50 to 100 km ZONE 2 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4
0 to 50 km ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4
    Over 100 t 40 to 100 t 10 to 40 t Less than 10 t
    Amount collected

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List of municipalities by funding section during 2024

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Payment for transport of used oil transferred from the Canary Islands

Under the framework of our actions as an IMS for used oil, we assume payment of the cost of transfer of used oil collected on the Canary Islands to the Peninsula. Until now, this action has been materialised through the payment of an amount in the concept of 'Canary Island Transport', paid to the final managers of the mentioned used oils, as they had been assuming responsibility for the transfer from the Canary Islands to their respective facilities.

Furthermore, it has been agreed to directly pay the mentioned amounts in the concept of 'Canary Island Transport' to the collectors that expressly request this, provided that they assume under their sole liability (particularly with regard to economic costs) all of the actions and costs derived from the transfer of used oil from the Canary Islands and provide documentary accreditation of the performance of this transfer.

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Statement of the payment of 'Canary Island Transport':

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Did you know...?

In 2016, SIGAUS made the greatest funding effort of its 10 years of existence, with the objective of staying efficient and continuing to guarantee management.