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Management declarations

Our Information Technology System allows us to trace the used industrial oil generated by our managers. Since 2007, this system has recorded and automated 160,000 waste management operations on average each year.

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Waste traceability

In response to the ecological targets established by law, at SIGAUS we guarantee that over 95% of the used industrial oil that is produced is collected, and that 100% of this amount is recovered, with at least 65% of the same being sent to regeneration treatment.

In order to trace this waste and be able to inform the public administrations, since 2007 SIGAUS has had an Information Technology System (ITS), an IT tool that allows us to keep rigorous control over the operations carried out under the framework of our Integrated Management System, both those that affect the industrial oil placed on the market by the adhered companies and those for waste management by the managers that work with us.

Thanks to this system, we obtain a high level of information regarding where the used industrial oil is generated in Spain, in what quantities, who collects it, where it is delivered and what final treatment it receives. The managers we have a contract with use this platform to declare the operations undertaken and the volumes treated.

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Thanks to the ITS, we obtain a high level of information on where the used industrial oil is generated in Spain.

These declarations are carried out manually through XML or e3L files in accordance with a series of standardised documents for the various types of operations (big or small collections, factory output, etc.). Thus, these documents allow us to have integral control over all of the waste management operations carried out in our country by the collectors, transporters, intermediate centres and final managers that work under the framework of our IMS.

In order to guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by the ITS, since 2009 we have carried out several campaigns to revise and verify the declarations on used oil management from managers through an external and independent team, the objective of which is to verify the data provided by these managers and that the funding that we have contributed corresponds to each of the operations and companies.

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Did you know...?

When the used oil is collected, it presents a high percentage of contaminants (water, sediment). These fractions of the raw collected waste must be separated during the pre-treatment process in order to facilitate the final management of the used oil through regeneration, recycling or energy recovery.